The following appeared as a recommendation by a committee planning a ten-year budget for the city of Calatrava."The birthrate in our city is declining: in fact, last year's birthrate was only one-half that of five years ago. Thus the number of students en

Author of this recommendation offers to decrease funding for education for a next decade and reduce funding for athletic playing fields as birthrate in Calatrava dropped in a past five years. In reverse, author recommend to increase funding of facilities and programs for adults as it is expected a growth of adult population in the city. Although, author's logic may seem correct, there are numbers of loopholes in it, so careful scrutiny of the argument proves it's flawed logic.
Firstly, committee assumes that decreased birthrate for sure will lead to significantly reduced amount of students enrolled in local public schools. It is not always so. If in nearest future a lot of people set down in Calatrava with their families, amount of students in public school may remain the same or ever increase. Author provides no additional information about the city and its population in a recent years. It is quite possible that population is growing because people like the city and relocate there with kids.
Another proposal committee makes is to reduce funding of athletic playing fields and other recreational facilities. Authors assumption is that it will become unused and abandoned with theoretical decrease of children in the city. Nevertheless, athletic playing fields and recreational facilities can be used more frequently by adults, rather than by kids. Who is the mainly using those places now? There is no evidence that now they are devoted only for kids. Even if it is proves to be true, adults also can use them, so it would be premature to decrease funding of playing fields and recreational facilities.
Finally, committee suggest to increase funding of facilities and programs for adults, as growth of adult population is expected. First of all, author provide nothing to convince us that it really happen. What are premises of such expectations?
Secondly, even if turns to be true, increase of adult population after some period of time can also increase birthrate in a city.
In conclusion, argument is unpersuasive as it stands. There are some missing information in it, so in order to bolster his opinion, author should provide more evidence that child's population in city will decrease. In addition, it would be helpful to fully understand situation with a city's adult population and how it changed in recent years. We would also need some statistic data about current usage of athletic playing fields and recreational facilities.

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...public schools. It is not always so. If in nearest future a lot of people set down in Cala...
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...increase of adult population after some period of time can also increase birthrate in a city. ...

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