The following appeared as a recommendation by a committee planning a ten-year budget for the city of Calatrava."The birthrate in our city is declining: in fact, last year's birthrate was only one-half that of five years ago. Thus the number of students en

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The following appeared as a recommendation by a committee planning a ten-year budget for the city of Calatrava.

"The birthrate in our city is declining: in fact, last year's birthrate was only one-half that of five years ago. Thus the number of students enrolled in our public schools will soon decrease dramatically, and we can safely reduce the funds budgeted for education during the next decade. At the same time, we can reduce funding for athletic playing fields and other recreational facilities. As a result, we will have sufficient money to fund city facilities and programs used primarily by adults, since we can expect the adult population of the city to increase."

Write a response in which you discuss what specific evidence is needed to evaluate the argument and explain how the evidence would weaken or strengthen the argument.

The city of Calatrava concludes that, because their birth rate is low, that they should dampen the education and youth programs budget to invest more into their adult facilities and programming. However, it is not reasonable to assume that last year’s birth rate will set the trend for the next ten years, or that increasing the adult facilities budget would result in an increased usage of the programs.

The author of this passage assumes two things: that the previous year’s birthrate will be the same as the both rate this year or next, and that there are no migrants with young children. Assuming that the birth rate will follow the same trend as last year is completely preposterous. First, the city must take into account the number of people that will be moving into parenthood age during the next ten years. If a majority of the population is children age 10-20, within ten years they will be at the age of parenthood, which would likely result in a surge in the birth rate. Secondly, who is to say that the only people that attend schools in the city are those that are born there? It is necessary to account for both the birth-rate of the city as well as the migration trends.

Next, the city proposes using the money from schools and recreational areas and investing in areas that more adults can use. However, it can not be assumed that the adults in the city will want to use these new facilities, regardless of the number of adults in the population. Additionally, the proposal uses vague language to describe what facilities exactly the money will be used for and what the current usage of them is. Does the city plan to open more bars and clubs or would it rather invest in office buildings and libraries? The lack of specific language limits the city’s ability to convict the public that this budget change will actually benefit them.

If the city rebutted and proved that the current adolescent population was low, that the emigration rate was larger than the immigration rate, or that the newly funded facilities would actually be of interest to the current adult population, there would be a much stronger argument for wanting to decrease the education and youth recreation budget. But, as it is, the proposal seems far-fetched.

In conclusion, the city of Calatrava is presumptuous in assuming that their birth rate in the next ten years will follow last year’s low trend. Additionally, there is a lack of supporting evidence about the immigration into the city and about the current usage of adult facilities and any research on if they would be used more after being funded. Lastly, the argument uses vague language to describe the way that the new funds would be invested. Overall, the argument is weak and is based on unprovable assumptions.

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