The following is a recommendation from the personnel director to the president of Acme Publishing Company."Many other companies have recently stated that having their employees take the Easy Read Speed-Reading Course has greatly im

In the preceding argument, the author states that Acme company has to ask their employees to take easy read course du to myriad benefit in both the company and the employee, the conclusion of the argument is based on the following premises. Firstly, the author claims that many companies have started to enforce their employees to take read course and helped to improved productivity. Secondly, he states to boosts his claim that one graduate employee read a 500 page helped his to rose his position to vice president. Thirdly he claims that this course will cost $500 and it is a small price compering to the benefit and long life subscription to the easy read newsletter. Therefore, In the first glance it my seem plausible. However, careful scrutiny sheds light on plethora of assumption that could undermine the value of the argument.

To begin with, the author readily assumes that what hold true with the other companies it is mandatory will hold true with Acme company. But he fails to provide enough information about the general status for both the others companies and the Acme company. Perhaps takes this course will not help Acme company due to different domain of work plus he also fails to state how the course helps the other companies and what kind of benefits that hold in this course. Perhaps the Acme company has different gaps in their work and this course will not benefit them. Accordingly, the assumption lack a depth of details that mitigate the argument and he has to provide complete information to enhance his position.

Furthermore, the argument states that an graduate employee read 500 pages in two hours. But he fails in this assumption because we do not have any information if his reading fruitful and helps, further is it plausible that within two hours the employee is able 500 pages in precise way and get the desired benefit from the course. In addition, another employee the course helps him to rose his position to vice president. Hence,he fails again in his assumption because perhaps this young employee has a savant ability to read and apply the information pr perhaps he is interested to build up his position that entice him to take the course. Thus, the assumption is feckless and without basis and he has to provide more reliable information to bolster his position.

Last but not least, the largest leap in the argument is stating that the course will cost the company $500 and it is a low cost compering to its benefit. But the fallacy here how he knows that $500 will never affect the company budget. Perhaps Acme company has large team is it plausible to pay $500 for every employee without guarantee the benefit, plus what is the benefit from life long subscription. Consequently, in order to strength the argument the author has to provide reliable information.

All in all, the argument fails to mention one key factor. Namely, all the previous assumptions are equivocal. Hence, without complete information the argument is unsubstantiated and opened to debate.

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