Humans arrived in the Kaliko Islands about 7,000 years ago, and within 3,000 years most of the large mammal species that had lived in the forests of the Kaliko Islands were extinct. Previous archaeological findings have suggested that early humans general

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The prompt suggests that various large mammal species on the Kaliko Island disappeared because of humans’ hunting. It is logical to think that the extinction of species can be based on hunting of humans, however, the author does not provide any solid evidence in order to make the claim persuasive.

The speaker is assuming that since one of the sources of food of humans were through fishing, thus it is feasible that the humans also hunted mammals for food. In concluding this, the author is making the correlation based on deficient proof. It is possible that the Kaliko islanders did not have enough tools to hunt large animals. Or perhaps, the islanders did not knew that the mammals can be the source for the food. It is also likely that the people of the island lived on different regions of the island while the large mammals occupied other regions of the island. Hence, the islanders never came across the large mammals. To make the evidence convincing, the author should first consider other factors that may have hindered the people of the island to use large mammals as a source for the food.

Furthermore, along with the correlation of finishing to hunting, the author also suggest that since the possible tool of hunting Stone Knife was found in the region, the tool must have been used for hunting. Yet again, the author is assuming this is possible, but there are various other factors that could possibly explain the existence of the tool on the region of the island. Stone Knife could have been used for other things such as for logging, finishing etc. It is most likely that the knife is found in the kitchen, it must be used for chopping vegetables and other food. Yet, it can be wrong if the knife instead is used for the gardening. It just happened to be placed in the kitchen.Hence, the author should not assume that since something was discovered at certain place, it must be used for it.

It is believed that the hunting is the only cause for the extinction. There could be many other factors that can cause the extinction of animals such as climate change, forest fires, flooding and other natural calamities that could have possibly caused the extinction of the large mammals. To make the argument convincing, the author should identify the other factors that could probably be the causes for the large mammals extinction in the Kaliko Island.

In order to make the argument more concrete, the author first needs to provide sufficient answers to the queries that is being raised in the above paragraphs.

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