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“Over the past year, our late night news program has devoted increased time to national news and less time to weather and local news. During this time period, most of the complaints received from viewers were concerned with our station’s coverage of l

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The argument asserts that the television station should dedicated more time to weather and local news in order to attract more viewers to the programs and keeps its profits from advertising revenues. While this claim seems convincing at first glance there are some underlying flaws that raise doubt about the author's conclusion.

First, the author unfairly assumes that to attract more viewers the television station should devote more time to weather and local new while there is no concrete evidence to substantiate the claim. For example, my grandfather told me twenty years ago that three dangerous storms occurred in our city and during that time period people used to watch the weather and local news in order to know what will happen tomorrow, it should be considered that a majority of people did not use internet so it was the only source.

Second, the argument posits that if they restore the time devoting to the weather and local news, they will compensate loses of advertising revenues while the author fails to consider other possible variables affecting on business owners interest in advertising. I remember, three years ago, Mr. Sasha working as a show man in the local TV network. This TV program attracted more than twenty thousands viewers and all business owners were interest in introducing their product before and after this TV show.

In addition, the business manager of the television station should institute a survey among viewers and business owners wanting to advertise. This survey should be confidential because if not, the people may provide false information that they believed that questioners may approve of. This poll also must be done by an independent company, if not, the results might be distorted and reliable. An accurate and precise survey can help business manager of the television station to make decision regarding their programs.

In sum, while this claim seems logical, there are significant logical fallacies. If the author were to provide more evidence regarding the main factor attracting viewers and advertisements, his argument was more convincing. Business manager should provide a survey to obtain precise information.

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