Claim Imagination is a more valuable asset than experience Reason People who lack experience are free to imagine what is possible without the constraints of established habits and attitudes

Imagination is the power to think about any particular thing and experience is the skill achieved by doing a certain activity for a prolong period. The claim however suggests that imagination is more valuable than experience citing the reason people without experience can imagine quixotic things which are not possible within the constraints of established methods. I think as much as experience is important, imagination without restrictions set by society has generated revolutionary ideas for the following reasons.
Experience is a really valuable asset and, in some cases, definitely more vital than imagination. In typical real-world scenario where people have to work within a set of established rules and regulations, imaginations with reverence to norms and attitudes can yield ingenious outcomes. For instance, an executive proposing a budget for a multi-national conglomerate has to know every set of principles that business has to follow. The revenue margin set by the authority, the new products and services to be introduced, recrudescence in some of the declining ventures, the expenditures of past years, the debt remaining to be paid and a host of other executive information. Without adequate knowledge on these issues, it’s not possible for anyone to propose a financial scheme for any business. Even if a budget is proposed without considering these factors, it is highly unlikely to get approved and can cause annoyance to the authority who might consider this as an act of insouciance regarding business rules and regulations. So, in this kind of situation experience can give the employee the knowledge to understand the importance of abiding the mandatory rules of the company and therefore work out a plausible solution. Being incognizant of these rules because of a lack of experience can be extremely costly in certain scenarios.
However, as much as these experiences are important, people who are capable of thinking out of the box, has awarded us with the most revolutionary ideas and invention throughout human history. Most of the achievements that we can take pride on, has significant contribution from ingenious minds whose thoughts engendered from the ability to liberate their minds from established habits and attitudes. For instance, nobody knew how the sun rotated on its own axis and rest of the planets orbit around the sun before Galileo put forward this proposal. But it was an extremely sensitive issue as the ecclesiastical community thought that, the earth is at the centre of the galaxy and the rest of the planet orbit the earth and any modification to this theory was considered sacrilegious. As a result, Galileo was incarcerated for the rest of his life for stating a truth and giving us the proper knowledge thinking against the established norms. For all the genius of Galileo, he couldn’t have imagined this without breaking the boundary set by the established set of habits and attitudes. Not just galileo, other revolutionary persons like, Thomas Edison was expelled from his school, for experimenting with chemical that felt like utter madness to the school authority. However, he continued his journey on his pursuit of finding the incredible things which freed human from the darkness of night and invented one of the most ubiquitous and important utilitarian things of modern days, the electric light. Had he not ventured into journey breaking the boundary set by the society we might still be living the darkness. So, in case of these inventions, thinking without the boundary set by society is more important than experience, because these type of inventions by definition, engender from breaking established habits and attitudes.
From the aforementioned facts, it can be said that although in some case the claim presented can be justified, it doesn’t hold water for the most brilliant human inventions and thus this claim can’t be considered as a well thought statement.

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