Formal education tends to restrain our minds and spirits rather than set them free

Formal education is defined by the regular education offered by the institutions following a rigid structure and curriculum. Although these didactic methods are finalised after much scrutinizations, they may still fail to address the potential of every students. Education has long been described as a weapon to liberate the mind from the shackles of indoctrination, however, whether the orthodox paradigm of academia is capable of doing that is not proven strongly. I think current structure of education is more efficiently restraining human minds rather than liberating them for the following reasons.

The course structure and methods of teaching and examination procedure hardly changes. Students have to follow certain rules and stratagems to obtain better marks in the examination. Better marks mean better opportunities for getting accepted in good colleges. Whole framework looks well defined: study in a certain manner, follow some important strategies, get good marks, confirm your position in college. But if we look closely, between all these routinely studies, a student hardly finds time to contemplate on his minds’ ability to think liberally which might have calamitous consequences. For instance, a students does all this things and makes a successful career but as the free thinking capabilities aren’t there, he might still believe in some form of degenerate ideas which makes the total education and all these degrees valueless.

Another commonly ignored fact of the conventional educational policy is, its failure to address the potential of students who can’t be evaluated by established examinations. An individual who performs poorly in the exams might have an ability of drawing fascinating arts and potentially become a renowned artist. But the failure of the system to find these extraordinary merits often undermines and impedes on their potential. If we take a look at the famous scientists, this fact is observed numerous times. Thomas edison was expelled from school as his demeanor and dedication was apparently unsuitable for formal education. Ironically, he invented the lights which luminate all the academia and perhaps the whole world presently. However, recent days people without formal education are judged as yokels, for someone to opine on any important issue the primary requirement is a college degree and this mindset of the educational individuals seems pretty narrow and proves the inability of formal education to liberate human mind.

Finally another very important topic is, due to the curriculum set by the institutions, parents set certain goals for their children. Their chances of receiving a gift is contingent upon the grades in their school. This phenomenon is so ubiquitous that it requires no further elucidation. These mindset although enhances competitiveness, might take a toll on the mental health of the students. Children with lower grades might suffer from low self-esteem and confidence which redound negatively on their future life. Research says, a significant amount of children leaves formal education as a result of continued cursing from parents and society. The education and the process evidently encourages this incident which by no means helps to liberate minds.
Based on the aforementioned facts, it is clear that although education policy was destined to liberate minds of people in reality owing to several limitations from the system and the environment, it sometimes fail to achieve

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