Laws should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.

Essay topics: Laws should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.

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Human beings are created with a tendency to break the law and drift from every normal life styles, a major well known example of that, is Adam and The Apple, when God prohibted him from eating that certain apple, and then his temptation of breaking the rules drove him to eat that apple resulted in getting him and his wife from Heaven and be down on earth.

Laws have to be a firm as concrete with no allowance for falling into mistakes that might lead to any disasters and life losses, and to eliminate every criminal tendency flawlessly. I'm don't see the mentioned above statement "Laws should be flexible enough for various circumstances, time and places" as an accepted statement, However laws has to be as stated before tough and firm that can face any deviation from the normal lifestyle that assure safety to all the citizens and resident with a certain place.

Introducing an example that proves well why rules should be tough without any flexibilities, is driving in opposite direction whenever the associated correct direction is jammed or blocked or having any of it's lanes under maintenance, this might lead to catastrophes and major accidents with severe injuries causing life, car and assets losses. If laws concerning opposite-direction driving were to be flexible under circumstances, you would have seen many problems arising in streets, from blockage of other direction, consuming time and sometimes accidents. from this point of view, the circumstances point of view, Government then will not be eligible to take any legal actions towards the law breakers.

Addressing another example, in some of the developing countries, the percent of youth not finding an opportunity for work is very high compared to these having a job. As a result of this some of these youth and people not finding work might practice some illegal activities from robbery, drug dealing, stealing, rapping, and many other criminal activities. If laws were flexible enough and clement towards circumstances, many of them will have an argument that they are doing that for the sake of earning a living. also addressing any legal action for breaking the regulations and policies won't be feasible as you have to care for the circumstances and that would question the government state with such questions: "why didn't you provide work opportunities for us !?"

An example that have happened in Egypt, at the time of the Revolution of January 25, at these days where the revolution was at its peak. There were no policemen and only the armed forces were around the streets not knowing how to treat with criminals, robberies and guys breaking the laws as they are not intended to deal with internal country issues, why telling this ? because after some time when the revolution's fire was light and both the security state and policemen were back to their positions, when they were asked to put in jail those who broke into the stores and apartments and stole stuff, they simly said "it was at the revolution time, laws were flexible and we can't even take any legal actions towards them.". That's an example of making laws flexible because of the timing which was the revolution time, resulting in making those criminals and robbers set free in streets and enjoying what they had stolen.

Consequently, It's so far obvious that such mentioned above issue of having a law flexible with circumstances, time and place is a listless concept which doesn't make any sense. laws should be tough, firm regardless of the situations.

NOTE : This is my first writing essay

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