To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities

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To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities

Important characteristics of a society, as the name implies are those characteristics which are essential in regard to societal development, its living, and the day to day activities which have been carried forward from the time the society came into existence. Cleary as the society evolves, of people proliferate in those region which are most favorable and provide with ample to sustain the society. Gradually these regions grow with time and evolves and in the time we recognise them as major cities of the society.Clearly as these major cities provided with societies the food, shelter, and other favorable resources, people from all the country side came and settled there and started exchanging ideas, got involved in arts, and started many other institutions of human expressions. They became the barometer of the society and thus it becomes indispensable to study them if we wish to get into the essence of that particular society.

History has shown us that we learn the societies by learning there major cities be it Indus valley civilization, the ancient rome or the egyptian society. The study of these cities provided the historians with the most valuable artifacts, manuscripts, tombs and the wall paintings, which helped us understand their living style , the sartorial preference, the food they ate, the type of music, paintings, values and ideas they acquired and disseminated. What makes this cities major is the very fact that all the important functionings of the society, its major activities are conducted here, besides the fact that any major city consists of people representing every corner of the societies physical boundary , thus naturally making the case for statement. However i am by no means suggesting that we should only study its major cities but the fact that the city being the soul, should naturally be the most important piece of study for the evaluation of the complete body. While some people might say that the majority of the people lives in other parts of the country and therefore reliance on studying of major cities gives us the inaccurate picture, i would like to say that where do you get so many different types of people intermixing in such a small place where each and every one represent the region from which he belongs thus giving us a collage of the bigger picture.

We say India is a embodiment of “ unity in diversity” what a place better than Mumbai to study where people belonging to different caste, religion, places have lived together for centuries and can clearly be said Mini India.This said does not undermine the importance of other precincts of society, which also plays an important role in shaping the society and they should be studied for an even more detailed understanding of the characteristics of the society,but the most important ones which are the result of a the mixing of all the stratas of the society should come from studying major cities.

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