"According to the recent report from our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people attended Super Screen produced movies than in any other year. And yet the percentage of positive reviews by the movie reviewers about specific Super Scr

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"According to the recent report from our marketing department, during the past year, fewer people attended Super Screen produced movies than in any other year. And yet the percentage of positive reviews by the movie reviewers about specific Super Screen movies actually increased during the past year. Clearly, the content of these reviews are not reaching enough of our prospective viewers. Thus, the problem lies not with the quality of our movies but with the public's lack of awareness that movies of good quality are available. Super Screen should therefore allocate a greater share of its budget next year to reaching the people through advertising."

As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall"; one man cannot singlehandedly achieve anything as a leader by working in silo. When a school grading system is based on overall aggregate i.e. assigning position based on a student's total score, students tend to horde knowledge and information from their peers in a bid to get a higher score and win prizes. Annoying habits like this causes separation, bitterness and hatred among students, this act, when practiced for a long time becomes part of the students and over the years, the student relies only on his own knowledge, wisdom and understanding for decision making.

Relating this to becoming a good leader, a child that has been trained to win by competing all his life is sure to have a social disconnection as the constant habit of always wanting to compete with others will repel people. A good leader is one who listens to his followers. From the popular saying, “no man is an island of Knowledge", there will always be need for a leader be it in government, industry or other fields to consult with his cabinet members or executive members. Some followers have more knowledge and experience in some areas and their advices could come in handy and help the leader make quality decisions.

Furthermore, there should be an awakening in the educational section and emphasis should be laid on equal grading system. A grading scale that allows students work as a team should be designed and introduced into the educational system. Also, students who partake in group study should be encouraged by schools. Practical and group works should be added to school curriculums to encourage group study and a team bonding session should be organized per time for each team.

In conclusion, our society would produce more effective leader if we realign the educational sector to allow cooperation and team work amongst people. This way, we would be able to achieve an all-round success in all ramifications.

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Line 1, column 232, Rule ID: A_PLURAL[1]
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...has been trained to win by competing all his life is sure to have a social discon...

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also, furthermore, if, so, in conclusion

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Better to have 5/6 paragraphs with 3/4 arguments. And try always support/against one side but compare two sides, like this:

para 1: introduction
para 2: reason 1. address both of the views presented for reason 1
para 3: reason 2. address both of the views presented for reason 2
para 4: reason 3. address both of the views presented for reason 3
para 5: reason 4. address both of the views presented for reason 4 (optional)
para 6: conclusion.

It is not exactly right on the topic in the view of e-grader. Maybe there is a wrong essay topic.

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