Claim: Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system.Reason: Laws cannot change what is in people's hearts or minds.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reas

That law plays a significant role in every human society is an undeniable fact. Should officials realize the advantages of the law in the prosperity of the society they will ponder over legislation and execution of the law much more scrupulously. Law is an integrity part of the every human society if people wants to live together in a community they have to legislate and enact laws. The effects of the law on people intention and changing their hearts and minds has recently been the topic of debate among experts.

I do believe that law can solve many problems of the modern societies and these are my justifications. To begin with imagining a country without law, we can see what would happen if there is not law. From ancient times human try to live in groups and in a larger form, society, they try to set some rules and governing systems to govern over the people which means to control them and force them to follow the rules and laws. And from that time humanity starts to grow and make larger communities, cities, and country, and these laws make it possible to live together and help each other to reach achievements which were not possible to achieve singular. Therefore, by looking back to the history, we can see the effect and helpfulness of the law.

The second reason why I advocate this point of view lies in the fact that every law has a logical reason behind it if official aware the people about these logics, people changes their mind, accept the law and obey. If experts train the children to obey the law by apprising them about the reason and logic behind the laws, then we have people which obey the rules not because of the fear of the punishment but because they believe that it by their heart and mind. Therefore, execution of the laws helps to train and change the people mind.

Finally, having law is important but executing and supervising this execution is more important because if you do not execute law it is like do not having a law. Hence, besides laws and legislation, we must make systems to execute and govern people and itself.

Having discussed the issue from that point of view I would rather look at it from another perspective as well. The laws without logical reasons cannot last for a long time, and cannot change the people mind. Thus, laws must be logical and fulfill the people interests. Moreover, training people and convincing them to obey the rules has much less expensive for government and society and it is not possible to superintend the people during every moment of the day. Consequently, a law cannot solve every single but many of the problems of a human community.

By taking all above-mentioned arguments into consideration, the following conclusion can be drawn about the issue. Underestimating the advantages of the law in prosperity and progression of a human society in not logical. Attending to this issue meticulously contributes to teaching people the logics and reasons behind every law, and can improve several aspects of the humanity.

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