Claim While boredom is often expressed with a sense of self satisfaction it should really be a source of embarrassment Reason Boredom arises from a lack of imagination and self motivation

Nowadays, people struggle with so many things on a daily basis. They have to cope with many stuff and difficulties simultaneously every day. Consequently, it is natural and completely makes sense if people feel some sort of boredom in today's intricate world than people who lived decades ago. There are different opinions toward this interminable people's feeling of boredom. Some people hold the idea that stemming from a lack of imagination and self-motivation, boredom should be considered a source of embarrassment. However, others, with whom my standpoint is aligned, believe that boredom can be belonged to any source except for embarrassment. In what follows, I will delineate my viewpoint on the ground of two persuasive reasons.

Without a doubt, the most consequential point corroborating my stance on this subject is that the pervasiveness of boredom and lack of interest, which is evident in many of today's peoples regardless of their nationality or where they live, is due to millions of efforts they have done and being unable to achieve what they want because of outside factors. For instance, consider an engineer who has been working for five years in a company. In the first years of his career, surely, he was very passionate about his job and tasks, and he did whatever he could to help the company reach its goals. Imagine, for example, he thought that after five years of hard-working, he would be promoted and be able to buy the car or the house he always wanted. But now, he sees himself still in the position as same as five years ago, without attaining any of his goals. Even if he were promoted, he could not buy the stuff he always wanted because of, for instance, the high rate of inflation in his country. It is logical that his zeal has declined during these years, and he feels a high level of boredom now. This sort of boredom has nothing to do with a lack of imagination or self-motivation, but other factors, which were not under his control, made him become what he is now. This is what is currently happening in countries like Iran, which suffer from a high inflation rate.

Although the previous reason is the first one crossing the mind at first glance, another remarkable point deserving some words here is that not every feeling of boredom is long-lasting. The human brain has a certain capacity. This capacity differs from person to person. Nonetheless, eventually, when the capacity of a person's brain reaches its maximum level, he becomes bored and feels tired. In this situation, people might lose their passion or stimulus for a while but can retrieve it. This kind of boredom is ephemeral. Psychologists unanimously agree that under this condition, people should shelve their tasks and unwind from their daily activities to let their brains regain their power. This kind of boredom is also widespread in today's people as most of them work arduously every day.

To make the long story short, and reflecting upon all the aforementioned grounds, one soon realizes that the boredom and lack of interest, which is seen in every people in today's societies, might have originated from different sources. It is neither fair nor rational to regard all types of boredom embarrassing as they might appear because outside factors intervene, or they could stem from a long period of hard-working, which is the transient type of boredom.

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