Claim While boredom is often expressed with a sense of self satisfaction it should really be a source of embarrassment Reason Boredom arises from a lack of imagination and self motivation

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Claim: While boredom is often expressed with a sense of self-satisfaction, it should really be a source of embarrassment.

Reason: Boredom arises from a lack of imagination and self-motivation.

There can be nothing more depressing than being in an idyllic state without knowing what to do. The human animal loves emotions. Emotions play an integral part of our everyday life to the extent that human beings can communicate using emotions without any need for words. I partially agree to the claim that boredom arises from a lack of imagination and self-motivation. But, the author goes too far in saying that boredom should be a source of embarrassment.

At first blush, the argument seems compelling. We tend to be occupied in our daily life when we have a routine job to complete. We become busy when there are too many things on our plate. When we finish all the work that we intend to do, we are left in a state of peace. While some take advantage of this excess time to do other productive activities, others remain idle due to a sense of boredom and self-satisfaction of the work assigned to them. Instead, if they spend their leisure time in activities like reading novels, watching movies or even spending time in social activities, they would not get bored and indeed do something effective. Thus, being in a state of boredom may be due to the complacent attitude of the individuals who lack imagination and motivation to spend their extra time in useful activities.

Beyond this concession, however, I do not agree with the claim that boredom can be attributed to the lack of imagination and self-motivation. Consider a student in class who is very creative and strives to excel in academics. He is diligent and is against mere rote learning of facts and ideas. The curriculum of his school might test the capability of students through exams that primarily assess the students' memory power. In such a setting, even though the student works hard and possess creative thinking skills, he might get depressed and bored of the curriculum that is imposed on him. Thus, irrespective of being motivated and imaginative, there can be situations where boredom arises merely out of the unfavourable environment around the person.

We have highly talented artists, film actors, writers and poets who produce brilliant masterpieces to the world. There have been several instances where they get bored of their career, switch fields to politics or even commit suicides. When even these excellent artists are inevitable from the clutches of boredom, it high impugns the idea that boredom arises from lack of perseverance and creativity. Further, the author does not provide a convincing case to attribute boredom to a source of embarrassment. If these artists and actors felt embarrassed due to their bored and idyllic periods in their career, they would not have rejuvenated and turned successful in the later years of their career.

In summation, the claim that boredom is a source of embarrassment and arises due to lack of assiduity and creativity is half-baked. At the same time, no one should fall into the valley of boredom for a long time, they should revive back to their normalcy and carry out productive tasks or plan alternative hobby activities to subdue their boredom.

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