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Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

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Education is the pillar of each nation. Many are the studies and plans made in order to improve it for better future citizens. One of the oldest means used by teachers is introducing competitions between students, therefore, pushing them to compete for having higher grades. Many are those who see that this approach has more drawbacks than benefits, however, I believe that rivalry between students broadens their learning capacities for several reasons.

The first reason is that competing and wanting to be the best is part of our human nature. Students improve better since they have a goal which is to improve their marks and why not be the best. It might seem that it limits their view on winning rather than learning whereas it is only a catalyst for the process of learning. In other words, it will push them to do more research, more work without giving up.

The second reason is that while being competitive, students tend to sharpen their abilities. They come up with efficient ways of improving their skills and enlarging their knowledge. They make plans on how to get the most with the least efforts. One of the best results is that they get to know their strength and their Achilles heel. Consequently, they will start enhancing both points.

The third reason is, throughout the process of hard work, students start to know what they like and what they want to pursue in the future. For example, I always competed with my friends in scientifical subjects. All along my researches, I found out that I was keen on these types of subjects and that I enjoyed researching them. Thus, I wanted to work on a field known for innovating which was engineering. Competition is one of the keys that define the desires of students and shapes their future.

Albeit being salubrious, I believe that it could be this way only if it is not overemphasized by teachers and society as well. This will be counterproductive and will erode the self-esteem of students. Competition should never be or become tantalizing.

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