Government funding for pure science endeavors, such as space exploration, should be reduced in order to direcct more funding towards humanitarian science projects.Write a response in which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting

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Government funding for pure science endeavors, such as space exploration, should be reduced in order to direcct more funding towards humanitarian science projects.

Write a response in which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to consider specific instances for which this statement may or may not be true.

The primary purpose of any government is to serve it’s citizens and humanity as a whole. The first right on the funding of the government is, no doubt, in the causes that can ameliorate and enhance the life of the human beings. While I completely agree that government must fund all the humanitarian science project to the best of its capacity, I do not second the idea of reducing funds from pure science endeavors. This is a complex issue that involves a gamut of situations and cases. Although, humanitarian projects are more cardinal, whether to reduce funding from the scientific endeavors depends whether government has enough funding to fund both or there is a trade off between the two.

Government recieve taxes from the money earned by the country’s citizens. Therefore, welfare of it’s citizens is the primary concern for the government. Since, humanitarian projects help to make life of the people better, it becomes a concern at greater priority than the pure science endeavors. For example, inorder to develop treatment for diseases like cancer, ebola etc research need a lot of funds. So, it is the responsibility of the government to fund these non-profit causes for the sole purpose it has come to power. Hence, the humanitarian projects must be well funded by the government.

However, the scientific endeavours bring money to the government. They bring power and scientific advancement. This advancement in science would come to the rescue for humanitarian project as well indirectly, in ways that can not be predetermined. This is how scientific developments take place. For example, if the government launches spaceship to the Mars, it contributes in pushing the boundaries of the existing scientific knowledge. It gets recognition and respect in the international platform for these things. They can share their state-of-the-art technology with other nations in lieu of some economic favours in kind. This helps in advancement and growth of the nation as a whole. The entire population therein is benifitted with this. Although, it doesnot seem to have a direct impact on humanity, it does serve teh nation in indirect ways. Therefore, the government must try to fund the scientific endeavours as well untill and unless they come at the cost of more direct humanitarian projects.

Furthermore, the decision of funding depends upon whether there is trade off between teh two things or not. If not, the governmnet must not reduce funds from the scientific endeavors for humanitarian project. Moreover, there can be other less important areas from where the funds can be cut. This would depend upon country to country on what are the pressing needs and what is the priority for their particular situation. For example, for a third world nation, the government has more serious issues of poverty and hunger to deal with before investing on any kind of scientific foray. Thus, every case is diffecent and the decision must be on the basis of the specific needs.

To sum, humanitarian projects must be given edge over the scientific endeavours. But the government must try to fund the later as well, since, they bring a lot other kind of benefits to the nation and the citizens as whole. Every nation has different needs, and their funding must be delineated on case by case basis depending upon their priorities.

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