The luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life prevent people from developing into truly strong and independent individuals.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning f

This topic raises the controversial issue of whether the benefits of modern life in terms of luxuries and conveniences hold us back from becoming strong and independent adults. Indisputably, the daily life on the average person in the western world changed dramatically during the past centuries with advancing technologies. We drive to school or work by car or metro, use mobile computers for navigation and enjoy climatized rooms in both too warm and cold days. All this makes it unnecessary to use our brain for calculations, read maps and orientate ourselves using natural sources etc. Nevertheless, we still are forced to use our brain to solve even bigger issues and let our creativity run my possibilities made through the mentioned features of our present life. Thus, I generally disagree with the opinion that people suffer from the modern benefits through lacking in self-confidence and independency.
First, new technologies opened up new worlds for everyone for individual development in any field. To illustrate, let us look at the example of the introduction of the letterpress in the past. In this circumstance, the convenience of copying books instead of rewriting it by hand vastly increased the conveniences of the people and made the prior luxury of owning a book available for a much bigger share of people. Consequently, it is pretty obvious that this this modern feature made it possible for people to gain access to knowledge much easier and develop or mature as adults better.
Furthermore, if we would not enjoy the benefits of transport possibilities, communication gadgets and so on, we would need to spend much more time on these issues leaving us less time to actually develop our personality with the activities which really help us becoming more mature and strong in our society. Specifically, modern transport possibilities make it possible for young adults to discover different parts of the world, which requires independent thinking to get along and communicate with the locals.
Admittedly, some modern gadgets steal us some opportunities of independence. This is true especially when people suddenly loose their access to their smartphones and computers and appear apparently lost with simple calculations or accessing information without internet. However, the above argument does not constitute sufficient evidence to claim that these new luxuries and conveniences restrict us in our independence and strength as individuals. In fact, these new technical advancements give people even more possibilities to extent their character and let them choose the way they develop themselves due to more opportunities.

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