A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

A national curriculum at school level is introduced and implemented in a nation as a part of the nation's education policy, with an intention to avail all its citizens with the same standard of education without any discrimination. I largely agree to the concept of a government mandated compulsory national curriculum for all the students prior to college education.

While college education and higher academic pursuits are largely career-oriented and are designed to address the unique challenges that different fields of practice demand of the students, school education is the most fundamental level of education which the government, as its constitutional obligation towards its citizens (as is the case in most of the nations in the world), is required to provide to all its citizens. A common national school curriculum not only enables the government to formally provide the same level of opportunity at school education to all its citizens regardless of their diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, it is also naturally the most convenient modality for the government to implement an all-inclusive education plan. In the one hand, school education needs not have the specialization expected of higher education, while on the other, school education has to empower all students equally and not produce pupils of highly varying quality. A common and mandatory school curriculum helps the nation achieve this objective. On the contrary, diversifying school curriculum and allowing for choices may create chaos. For instance, if the school students were allowed to take physics or calculus courses as a choice instead of elementary algebra or geometry courses at primary level, the consequences may be that the students allowed to take the tough courses (physics for instance) may be lacking on the very fundamentals of maths (algebra or geometry). This will mean that the academic output of such a choice is likely to be counter-productive. So, it will be more rational to limit school teaching to the same fundamental courses for all students.

Another line of argument in favor of a common curriculum is a social one. The intent of school education is to promote socio-economic equity rather than increase the social divide. With greater choices available at the most fundamental level of education, students will go for specialization at a very early age; such students with highly differing sets of competencies will definitely suit to varying degrees of profesionnal successes in the future.

School education is supposed to nurture the holistic development of students encompassing the mental, emotional, moral as well as physical faculties of child development. It can be assured for all the students only with a well-balanced and well-rounded school curriculum unless the governement has the resources and the capacity to tailor different courses for different kinds of students based in their widely differing interests and orientations. In order to address the different orientations that students in the later years of school may seem to prefer, it may bbe worth consideration for the nation to allow for some degree of modualrity in the curriculum in the higher classes, allowing the students some dichotomy in some course choices, especially the language classes including mothertongue and international language.

A uniform and mandatory school curriculum helps the nation's best interest to ensure that all the citizens have equitable access to education.

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