The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition.

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The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition.

There is a general consensus in the world that the young generation needs to be groomed as the leaders of the future and this holds true for any sector be it governance or industry. However, there has always been a debate on what constitutes the best way to train the leaders of tomorrow: a dilemma between two contrasting school of thoughts - to train the youths as fierce competitors or to nurture team players. In my opinion, the society and the nations should prioritize instilling the values of cooperation rather than the sense of unhealthy competition in the youths through formal education as well as other forms of training.

The modern human society is characterized as one that is beset by problems and issues far more complex than that faced by the societies in the history, partly because rapidly changing human factors such as war and conflict are increasingly becoming the matters of concern in the cyber age in addition to the pre-existing natural phenomena like disease and natural disasters that have always plagued human civilization. Modern problems of increasing complexity require modern solutions and a progressive outlook from the human society if we are to overcome all the hallenges on the journey to sustainability and a secure future. While competition has always been classically regarded as a natural predicament and also an obvious precursor to growth and development of the society where individuals and groups of individuals compete with one another and in the course grow fitter in line with the Darwinian theory of "Struggle for Existence" and "Survival of the Fittest". While such thought schools have enabled development to some extent, in human history, the competitive instinct often got the best of the human society resulting in pernicious consequences for the parties at competition. All wars were manifestations of the competitive instincts of the human society be it competition for political power or for dominance or in the name of religion and principles. While the wars like the Cold War are often attributed to positive developments like the concurrent advancement of arms an ammunition as well as space technology, the race of nations to be world powers had the devastating consequence of setting behind the development in other fields of global human importance such as disease control or poverty alleviation.

Cooperative problem solving is the way forward for humanity in all scales - individual, community, nation and region. The modern institutions, academic, scientific or financial all value "team-players" who are capable of working togehter in a team of individuals with different expertise towards a common goal. For instance, pollution control, a burning cosmopolitan issue, requires experts from fields as diverse and apparently disparate as physics, chemistry, public health, engineering and policy to come together in a truly interdisciplinary manner for the most efficacious solutions. Cooperative teams spend time and resources optimally to make the best out of collective skills and capabilities while minimizing conflicts in the team which are clearly counter-productive but simply unavoidable when the team members are overcome by competitive instincts.

While competition may be seen as improving individual competencies, the best output of a group effort comes only out of cooperative problem solving. Youths who are trained to work collectively, who become the leaders who can view the problem in question bigger than themselves or the competition with their peers are the true harbingers of a future that is grounded in universalism in its essence.

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