A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

The issue of whether a nation should have a uniform curriculum until students go to college is controversial. Some say that one same national education for all students is not suitable for the contemporary society with fast-changing technologies, while others point out that students should be taught with a single set of instruction because education before college should be provided by the government as one of the welfare services. Despite the disadvantage, I still agree with the author’s claim that the nation should teach its student with the same national curriculum.

Admittedly, there is no doubt that it is not suitable to have a single educational program from the elementary to high school because society changes rapidly along with advanced technologies. In order for the student to survive in the competitive and fast-paced world, diversified education is necessary to stimulate students’ creativity. It is shown that the traditional way of education had failed to accommodate brilliant individuals. For example, Thomas Edison was kicked out of school when he was only eight years old because of his erratic behaviors. However, his mother didn’t lose faith in him and started homeschooling. Later, Edison became the most famous inventor and he didn’t have a high school diploma.

However, nowadays education is a part of the welfare services provided by the government for knowledge developing of the nation’s student. Since the provided education is free of charge, the government should focus on equality and effectiveness. Because the limited resources are assigned to education, few schools cannot afford to offer the idiosyncrasy curriculums. In order for the schools from elementary to high school to maximize the efficacy, a certain level of unified curriculum is required. In the process instructing with the same curriculum, the schools may be able to achieve impartiality that no students are treated differently by the parent’s incomes or occupations.

Moreover, too specialized education in the early stage fails to find what is the genuine interest or talent of each student. When the nation implements the uniform curriculum, it is important to make balanced courses of study. While students study mandatory education courses from elementary to high school, they can have experience in various fields like Math, Science, or Art. Through the experience, the students acquire knowledge of the subjects and themselves to determine what they genuinely like and what they are good at. However, with specialized education, students lose the opportunity. For example, some students go to military high schools in the United States and normally they join the army afterward. During high school, they may not get enough chance to navigate other fields and may lose the opportunity to choose different occupations.

In conclusion, even though today’s education needs to be diversified because we are living in a complex and fast-paced society, the uniform curriculum may have more advantages than problems. It may promote knowledge of the general public as a welfare service and allow students to navigate various field to find the true talent of their own.

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