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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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Same national curriculum before entering the college is good for all students. everyone in the nation rich or poor have access to common base. They can learn basic s of everything. every student will be educated with the same curriculum. There will be no diifferenciation. There will be cometition between students. Every student will get similar opportunity in education. It will help in country growth. There is no biaseness. They will study hard to achieve their goal.
There is a good example developing and poor countries. Education is accessible to most likely everybody in developing countries . Government is providing core curriculum for all students. While In poor countries education is not accessible for poor people. They cnnot go to school. They have to work in factories for their parents. They have to earn money for food, cloth. This doesn't help the nation in growing economically. Developing nations are growing economically with education. An educated person will think about employment differntly.
There is many good things about same national curriculum. There is other example of same national curriculum is while moving from one place to other place with parents due to good job oppotumities of their parents. Student can suffer in their studies if there is not same curriculum. Before entering the college is base for every child.

There could be also few cons of same curriculum. Sometimes students get pressurised with their parents , if they don't like the papers. They fill difficult in that paper. But ,It will be mandatory for them to study all papers. There will be no choices for them to pick there faviourate course work. They just get frutrated in studies befor the college. They just hate their studies. They don't gat motivation to study.

As mentioned in issue A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter the college. It will help everybody in the nation in getting equality of rights for education. It will help a nation in growing potentiallt, economically. This is really a good thing for any nation.

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