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A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position

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Education is one of the main pillars that decide the strength of the nation. It is the education that shapes the youth of a nation and equips them with tools that will help nation to establish hegemony in the world. A vast diversity in the education patterns in a nation can be a bit problematic in certain cases. In my opinion, the nation should have same curriculum until the students reach college. In further paragraphs we dig deep into the issue and explore justification for the stand taken on the issue.

Taking example of multi-cultural country like India, different states have different languages and different cultures. This fact makes obvious that they have different curriculum in schools. When the students reach college, certain students who have studied different curriculum face difficulty in coping up with majority students. For example, most of the college curriculum is taught in English medium, suppose if a student has done his/her prior education in a language other than English, he might have to face problem in adjusting to the new environment. So a unified system is necessary in education sector until the college which makes it fair game.

Moving on, to engage students in healthy competition, they must be on the same ground as they enter the college. If college continue to receive students coming from numerous educational curriculum backgrounds, it will be serve injustice to the students who are not familiar to the college curriculum. So in order to redress this, there must be common national curriculum for the students before entering the college. It is really important for whatsoever committee's responsibility it is, to be completely pragmatic in deciding this common national curriculum prior to entering college.

To counter this argument, it can be asserted that in multi-cultural countries it is difficult to have a common national curriculum. I agree with this point, but this does not mean we should design different educational curricula for different culture. In my opinion, a culture can be preserved by adding extra courses but keeping the basic curriculum same, which will be saving students from entering into bigger conundrums after reaching college.

To conclude I would like to state that yes, the nations should require all the students to study same national curriculum until they reach college. This would help in a fair game for the students and enriching student life with healthy competition.

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