"A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college." - Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the posi

Already for years, there are speculations about reforming the school system in a lot of countries even including the United States. The leading example for all nations is, of course, Finland which consistently strands on the top spot in all global educational ranking, from math to grammar. They have a national curriculum that every student needs to follow until entering college. Should other nations adopt this approach to education or isn't everything as bright as it seems? Scrutiny regarding this topic will be necessary to give a decent answer.
On the one hand, one can say that a national curriculum certainly has its plus sides. First, it provides a whole nation with the same knowledge, which creates a coherent pack of students with the same educational background. This makes it easier for colleges to adjust their classes since they now exactly know what previous knowledge students arrive. For the same reason, this approach makes it easier to compare schools with each other. Having the same curriculum will make clear which schools offer a better education by comparing graduating and drop out percentages, although other factors influence these percentages as well. In term of students who need to transfer schools, there is also a benefit. Instead of comparing all courses they had with the ones the new school offers, they will immediately fit in and be able to pick up exactly where they left. For comparing purposes, the national curriculum has without a doubt a benefit, ranging from comparing individual students to whole schools.
On the other hand, a national curriculum may limit certain students in what they are able to achieve. By not offering the classes they would like to see, they might become demotivated or face some hardships and it will lead them to drop out of school. For example, in United State which a country has a multi-cultural immigrant, thus when they enter school, they need some essential bilanguage class to help them, especially children, could catch the other ordinary classes. After all, the point of education is to make students passionate about studying, to trigger their interest in certain subjects. If a school fails to achieve this goal due to a forced national curriculum, that would be a pity. The student's willingness and eagerness to learn should come in the first place. However, this approach gains a benefit for students, when they will have more chance to get more university admissions of their choice.
In addition, what should not be forgotten is that a national curriculum alone will not generate countries having the same international standards as Finland. However, if the teachers who play a vital role in education are good and can get this point across, students will benefit greatly. Therefore, one should take a look at how teachers are looking against this national curriculum. If they agree, they will give their heart and soul for this program, resulting in overall better education. In contrast, if they oppose the reform, their teaching will most certainly deteriorate, leaving us with a possibly better school system, but with less educational classes due to demoralized teachers. Therefore, the implementation of such a reform of the educational system should be agreed upon by the teaching community before the government requires it.
In conclusion, we need to see the whole of this statement that a national curriculum should adopt for all student before they enter college. We can say that it has several explicit benefits enabling us to easily compare students and schools with each other. However, there should be some flexibility in the program leaving the possibility to make minor adjustments to suit the learning condition or interest of students so as to keep them interested in learning. But after all the crucial question is if the teaching community agrees with the proposal because they will determine the level of classes. A national curriculum will, therefore, be a success if the teachers are standing behind this reformation of education.

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