In order to become well rounded individuals all college students should be required to take courses in which they read poetry novels mythology and other types of imaginative literature Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or

The author of the argument has alluded the importance of the various courses in overall development of the students. Although, the fictitious courses could aid the understanding of art and literature, but their role in overall development is perhaps debatable. In my opinion, it is rather society, hard work and perseverance of an individual towards his goal that contribute most in overall development of an individual.

First of all, it is impractical for an individual to acquire knowledge and expertise in all fields given the limitations of human brain and understanding. Moreover, even if a person is gifted with such capability, shouldn’t he utilize that dexterity in furthering his understanding of fields of his interest rather than devoting time in trivial activities, at least according to his stance. Consider, for example, a college student willing to further his studies in mechanical engineering. In order to follow his dream, he is required to score well, do research and experiments and write research papers. The student is already subjected to immense academic pressure and any further digression will cause his grades to suffer and might inhibit his understanding of core subjects. The compulsion to study fictitious literature will only exacerbate the already saturated capability. So, students must be privileged with the freedom, whether or not, they want to opt for the courses outside their filed of study.

In addition to that, nowadays, students tend to choose their career path at very early stages of life mostly even before completion of high schools. They invest their time in accomplishing goals given the level of current competition. Due to this devotion they develop deep interest in a specific field and other courses are insipid to them. So, what’s the point of gorging the students into courses unsavory to them. Lack of interest will not serve the purpose argued by the author.
On the contrary, one might argue that possessing the knowledge of imaginative literature will help them survive and contribute to the society they live in. But I will still defend my stand since everyone contribute to society in a different manner and life lessons are learned from experience not only from books. For instance, a doctor serving his patients, an engineer responsible for seminal innovations, anthropologists excavate to trace human history and philanthropists serving the needy. The all have different roles to play in society and contribute to progress in different manners.

To sum up with, rendering student’s freedom to choose courses they want to study, is in the interest of the students and the society as a whole. We are aware of the notion that trifling burden, in any form, will scuttle the aim of an individual.

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... will scuttle the aim of an individual.

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