Public figures such as actors, politicians, and athletes should expect people to be interested in private lives. When they seek a public role, they should expect that they will lose at least some of their privacy

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Public figures such as actors, politicians, and athletes should expect people to be interested in private lives. When they seek a public role, they should expect that they will lose at least some of their privacy

It would not be wrong to say that all of mankind strives towards achieving excellence. They all want to put in the best of their efforts in their respective field to achieve the quality of work they desire, personal satisfaction and admiration from their audience. This is natural human tendency. There are a few people who by virtue of their profession are in the limelight of the world, such as actors, politicians and athletes. These people are public figures and the entire world looks up to them, lauds them, puts them on the pedestal and in extreme cases in worships them and makes them their idols. In such a context, it would not be wrong to say that these public figure’s every move will be scrutinized eventually leading to the invasion of their privacy. Hence I am in complete concordance with the argument provided by the author.

The adulation received by public figures from their fans and adherent followers is immense. These stalwarts of their respective fields do share due credit to the love provided to them from their supporters. Thus, they should not be the one’s complaining about their privacy being intruded. For example, when a politician is fighting for the elections, he is asking public for their vote, their trust in him/her so that he can lead the nation to the right path. The people, before they rightfully give in their vote of confidence to the politician will want to know the real nature, qualities and behavior of the politician since they can be deceiving as history has suggested a million times before. Consider, the present President of the United States Of America, Mr. Donald Trump. A lot of speculation has been carried out regarding his character, his persona and his various dispositions. He has a pending case in the court of having an amorous relationship with a teenager. If he was not the President of USA, would the case grab so much attention? Thus, it would not be wrong to say that politics is like a game of chess, wherein each move will have its own consequences. Similarly, politicians have several moves at their disposals, each having its own repercussions. Politicians are the biggest catalysts in driving their nation forward and hence they should expect some scrutiny from the public eye.

Sports personalities are known for the strong physical and mental discipline. They have to maintain an abstemious diet plan, take care of their health and their well being so that they can supplement their sports career with a few more years. These qualities are admired by the public which makes them look up to the above mentioned sports celebrities. Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet once said, ‘A lot of effort goes into preparing for the final Olympic run, it is years of hard work and dedication that is involved and fans should know about this.’ Such a statement clearly indicates that he expects people to be keen on knowing how the athlete is outside the race track. They want to know about his lifestyle, about his diet and about his workout schedule. Many athletes such as soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and the Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli are extremely famous figures who have achieved a lot in their respective fields which make the public go crazy and frenzy behind them. To receive such immense love and respect, they should be ready to face some invasion of their privacy.

On the other hand, actors are known for the image they present on the big screen. When people watch super hero films, they sometimes with utmost faith believe that the actors who are playing a role are the real super heroes. Take Robert Downing Junior for example, many young kids look up to him, thinking that he is the real Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. When they play character, the public will want to draw analogies between the character played by the actors and the actor’s real personality. There will be a sense of excitement and curiosity to know how is the person in real. Such an enigma about these actors makes them huge superstars of the cinematic world.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the fame of these public figures results in the coalition of their public and private spheres. How these people handle the pressure and maintain their image in front of the public would eventually determine how successful they are since audience, at the end of the day are the judge of their fate. However, there should also be a limit on how much privacy is being intruded. Who draws this fine line will remain a question but there is no doubt that the public figures should be ready for the criticism, the love and the support they receive from the followers for the actions carried out by them, in both public and private spheres of their life.

Therefore, for all the points that I have enumerated above, it would not be wrong to say one cannot delineate the fine line between the public and private image of a celebrity. The two will overlap and merge to an extent. The public figures should be ready to give up a part of their private lives to the public to scrutinize.

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