Scandals are useful because they focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be

Man is known to be the most intelligent creature on this planet. In that case, he knows to learn from mistakes made by himself or as well as others. It is man’s tendency to go according to the famous Russian quotes ‘verify even though you trust’. Analogically speaking, I agree with the given prompt. To focus the attention on the problems, scandals are useful than that of the fascinating speakers because they are the ones who try to persuade the minds of human but do not get to have impact as much as the scandals have had. The viable substantiations germane to my assertion would make it more definitive.

Firstly, the speaker or any reformer as given in the prompt, are the set of people who may be the great orators. But, the history had vast number of demagogues and gerrymanders. For example, during national elections of India in the year 2015, the opponents of Mr.Modi (the than prime minister candidate) was accused falsely of many scams. Despite of being held in great number of venality, the Congress party ‘reformers’ tried to gainsay against the political rules of Modi and accused him of many charges making people falsely focus on their ‘made up stories’ about him. Lacking of evidence to their accusations made them concede in the race to rule the nation. Analogically, sometimes the reformers may goad people to dive into their perceptions rather then actual problem. Hence, the original effect to society by means of scams helps us to understand where the real problem lies at.

Moreover, experience makes the man learn more. The society has lots of loop holes even though man tries to build it in the most sophisticated manner. To exemplify, India- Despite being the biggest democracy in the world and the laws for each denizen being so carefully crafted, experienced the worst scams like 2G spectrum scam, Commonwealth Scam, IPL Scam, and so on. This helps us to understand directly where our weak points lie resulting in adding more sophistication for the posterity to live.

Some times even though the mistakes may get costlier or the cure from those mistakes made by man takes time, eventually the success earned at the end is sweet. Great scientists like Thomas Alva Edison failed thousands of times during their experiments experiencing the loss in turn leading them them to achieve lots more than that. Similarly, we have to learn from the mistakes that are made. Hence, scandals- in the form of mistakes are important aspect to concentrate on the problems to solve more than bare speeches.

In a nutshell, the prompt makes one dive into analyzing the characteristics of human being. According to the given substantiations, even though the mistakes made are costlier, the aspects learnt from them matters a lot than the aspects learnt from barely listening to someone who may be a good orator.

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