True success can be measured primarily in terms of the goals one sets for oneself.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you ta

I had two friends Amal and Kamal. We grew up together from preschool up unitl the end of the college. Amal had high expectations of himself, and had goals set up high. Kamal on the other hand did not have that much of expectations or goals for that matter. But he worked hard, he completed what he was given with merit, and always learn to grab opportunities and earn more. Amal on the other hand lived his life in his own utopia, where he did not revise his goals, pursued them with needed capacity. At the end of the college Amal had to stay for another year complete his work, where Kamal got the opportunity to work at a leading company in the industry. This scenario suggest that the mere setting of goals does not makes one successful. Rather pursuing them in the correct capacity, revising them when needed makes one successful. Also, even if you do not have any clear set goals, if you are able to grab the opportunities when they are on offer and strive to achieve the best in whatever you do, you are most likely to end up successful, like Kamal. It is with this argument at its core, I formulate my disagreement on the statement that the success can be measured primarily on the goals set. The disagreement here is most stressed on the words "primarily", and "goals one set" as opposed to goals one achieve.

In every presidential election season, the media become inundated with presidential candidates with lots of hopes for themselves and promises for their constituents and supporters. These people have set high goals for themselves; become the president of their country, and be the first citizen. Then again some may have comparatively lesser, but significantly high set goals like be popular in the society, which may help them in their future endavours, not necessarily political. Whichever the case we can agree that the goals they have set are high. But then, we see so many of thses candidates fail miserably; may be due to the lack of eloqounce that is needed in their respective campaigns, may be due to the lack of personality that attract crowd around them, etc. Whichever the case they embarrass themselves in national media, which is anything but success. Some candidate go way beyond that and get exposed to their past wrong doings, which may not have being revealed should they have set lesser but more suiting goals.

Measuring success is a highly subjective matter. But this should be done in a meaningfull way. An abstract and unrealized metric like set goals is definitely not a suitable measure.

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