Unfortunately in contemporary society creating an appealing image has become more important than the reality or truth behind that image

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Unfortunately, in contemporary society, creating an appealing image has become more important than the reality or truth behind that image.

The passage says that recently making a good image became more important than the reality. It is true that people abruptly make a judgment based on the image through a person’s appearance or social media activities; however, a person’s true talents and characteristics matter eventually. I disagree with the statement and believe that even though making a good image of oneself is important, people should realize that the image cannot substitute who you really are.

Admittedly, making one’s image is important because, in modern society, it seems that the images have become another identity. In offline, lives of people haven’t changed much; however, there is another world, the online. When people see posts in a stranger’s social media, the first thing they look is the pictures, which determine people’s perception of you. If you uploaded pictures of nice clothes and decent restaurants, you are considered as a comely person. On the other hand, if you uploaded weird photos or no photos, people think that you are an erratic person or have something to hide with no firm reasons. There was an example of how powerful the picture can be in social media. During the last presidential election of the United States, the candidate of Democratic party, Hilary Clinton, became a victim of the bad rumor that she was dying for severe disease. Yet, once Clinton uploaded a picture of her talking to her supporters in a good shape, she was able to dispel the rumor. Certainly, making a good image became something people cannot ignore anymore.

Despite the unprecedented importance of good images of oneself, people realized that it has been immoderate. No matter how appealing one’s images are, they cannot replace my true identity or characteristics. For example, when someone applies for the job, the hiring committee doesn’t examine your images, which can be found in your social media or your appearance. The company reads thoroughly your resume to see if you are qualified for the position, contact the references you provided to check anything you said during the interview, and look through your social media to find out how you think personally. Young people who understand the nature of images and its overstated reputation stop spending time on generating a compelling image and do their best to develop themselves.

Some people may say that it’s worthless to develop oneself in the society where media became so powerful and even a single transient image on media follows the personal for a long time has a significant influence on him or her. It is true that the public perception of a person sometimes more influential than the truth that someone had dedicated for the entire life. Nevertheless, the image cannot be the meaningful replacement of the truth behind that image and eventually, it turns out to be an illusion. For example, President Trump was once a businessman and known for his business. But he gained national popularity through a few TV shows such as Apprentice. In the show, he was able to establish the image of inexplicable charisma and later, he had become the president. After he took over the oval office, however, his true identities were revealed by the Press and FBI investigation as well as the ways he handles the political or economic issues.

In conclusion, although images in modern society became important, what matters most is ultimately the truth. The importance of images is overrated by media and eventually, the truth behind the images will reveal. Thus, it is wise that people spend more time to develop oneself than to create the image.

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