Is hard work the key to success or is talent also important?

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Is hard work the key to success or is talent also important?

In the whole world, everybody wants to be a success man. Success is a choice. You can be a successful human if you want. There are some routes to get success which are hard work and have a talent. While several people say that you must work hard to get success, most of them believe that talent also can bring to get success. In my view, both of them are equal and important if you want to get a success in this life.

Fast forward now the earliest century; people believe that hard work is the vital key of success in this world. Some people say that hard work is important way to get success. People can build their character with hard work. In hard work, we learn about discipline, focus, and time management. All of them will bring us in success way, as Samuel Ewing says that hard work spotlights the character of people. Besides, hard work must result good achievement, such as Michael Jordan who is a legend in NBA basketball player. His jump shot was not good enough when he first entered the league. So, he spent his time for taking hundreds of jumpers a day until it was perfect. In a company, the employees are who work hard, will earn faster promotion than those are who do not work hard in their job. Therefore, hard work is the primary key of success.

On the other hand, there is another key to get success which is a talent. Talent is an ability to produce something in natural way. For example, bees are born with unique and natural talent to produce luscious honey. They produce delicious honey without any diploma or any certificates of capability that human cannot produce it like bees. In human life, having talent will bring you easily to find and to do your job. As a result, both of finding and doing your job will support you easily to get success.

In the end, hard work and talent are hand in hand. Talent without hard work is impossible, so do the hard work. We could have been working hard, but without a talent, it is extremely difficult to get success. Because talent also plays an important role in success way. Ultimately, both of them can support our successful life.

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everybody wants to be a success man
everybody wants to be a successful man

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