The bar chart below shows the estimated percentage of car trips taken by drivers in 2005.

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The bar chart illustrates the users of car trips from men and women for a various purposes in 2005. The purposes are measured in percent.

Overall, the percentage of users of car trips from men was higher than of women. Both the men and the women used cars mostly in work purpose, while that men least using car was for bank and running errands, compare to women was for visiting town.

In term of work purpose, men used car trips above 50% as opposed to almost 40% for women. The users for visiting town from men was higher than those users from women ( almost 10% and less than 10%). Expandly variance usage from men for cars in recreation purpose over 10% compare to women almost used it for that purpose.

In contrast, women used cars for shopping almost 20% compare to men exactly 10%. The users from women exceeded 10% for courses purpose as opposed to men not reach 10%( Less than 10% ). Bank and running errands women were higher users ( almost 10% and exactly 10% ) although men was almost a users for this purpose.

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