The graphs below show the numbers of male and female workers in 1975 and 1995 in several employment sectors of the republic of Freedonia.Write a report for a university teacher describing the information shown.

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The given diagrams compare the male and female employment status in six different job sectors in two different years – 1975 & 1995. As is seen from the given illustration, men were well ahead of women in all the job sectors in Freedonia in 1975. However, the scenario changed in the 1995 and women did a remarkable progress in their professions.

According to the given diagrams, men in Freedonia were well ahead of female in manufacturing, finance/banking, wholesale & retail trade, defence and non-defence sectors. In manufacturing more than 600 male employees could be seen against only 300 female employees. Except in communication sector, the proportion of male employees was far greater than that of females. Among the given job sectors, the public /non-defence sector had the highest number of employees while the defence sector had the least number of employees.

After 20 years, women showed an outstanding advancement in the job sectors and they went well ahead of men in communication, wholesale & retail trade sectors. They become almost equal in number in finance and banking jobs while the gap between male and female employees’ numbers reduced in defence jobs. The only sector that was still male dominant was manufacturing and the job ratio in this sector remained almost same as it was 20 years earlier.

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