Student s use of online resources

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Student's use of online resources

The pie chart illustrates the percentage of online resources used by students at Intel Secondary School Library in 2014. Overall, it is clear that students preferred interactive games most while the opposite was true for online dictionaries.
Looking at the details, a majority of students at this school opted for playing interactive games, accounting for less than a third. Fiction e-books stood at the highest second percentage of students’ uses, at 20%. Online magazines rank third at 18%, just less than 2% compared with fiction e-books.
Turning to three others categories, the lowest figure for student’s purposes in the library belonged to science journals, at only 6%. The percentage of online dictionaries reading by students registered at 11%, considering as the least second preferable in the total. Interestingly, 15% of the nin-fiction e-book was read in the library, which was half of the proportion of interactive games.

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