The table below shows the numbers of visitors to Ashdown Museum during the year before and the year after it was refurbished. The charts show the result of surveys asking visitors how satisfied they were with their visit, during the same two periods.

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The table compares the number of guest who went to Ashdown Museum, while the pie charts give information about visitor satisfaction form results of surveys in the year before and after the museum was redecorated. Overall, total number of guests increased and the proportion of guests rating the services as “very satisfied” or “satisfied” also went up after it was renewed.

In more detail, only 74,000 people visited the museum in the year before refurbished. According to the surveys, 40% of visitors rated services as “dissatisfied”. The proportion of people felt “satisfied” came next, with 30% respectively. Meanwhile, 15% of visitors were “very satisfied’” and 10% of guests felt “very dissatisfied”. Moreover, there were 5% of all visitors had no response to the surveys.

After redecoration, the number of visitors went up slightly to 94,000. In this year, the percentage of guests felt “very satisfied” increased dramatically to 35%, while 40% of visitors thought their services were “satisfied”. In contrast, the proportion of people who felt “dissatisfied” dropped to 15%, and only 5% of all guest rated “very dissatisfied”. There were still 5% of the museum visitors who had no common in the questionnaires, which was equal to the proportion before refurbished.

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