Prison is the best punishment for criminals. Discuss.

Essay topics: Prison is the best punishment for criminals. Discuss.

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Imprisonment is an issue which frequently generates a great deal of heated debate, with supporters maintaining that the best punishment for criminals is that put them in jail, whilst opponents claim that imprisonment should be considered carefully.

One the one hand, it is often argued that for the majority of crimes, prison is the best answer; for others, however, it is not. The main reason for believing this is that a high percentage of those re-offends once they are parole back in to the community. It is also possible to say that when rubbing shoulders with other serious inmates, soft prisoners could learn from them and become more dangerous when fitting in back in to life. In addition, ...

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Sentence: Consequently, it is an evil when spending a hill of money, which is more necessary for eliminate poverty and illiteracy, into prisons.
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