Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life. To what extent do you agree?

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Nowadays, people believe that eating a balanced diet makes them healthier. This essay will discuss this popular topic.
Health life style become very popular among our modern society across the world. Individuals or groups of people follows heaps of diet style, and advocate it. It even easier than ever before, with impact of social media platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. ideas of the best diet might be spread within our population overnight. However, not every diet is suitable to each individual for many reasons, such a dietary requirements or preferences, allergy and many other reasons. In this way diet which suits enormous amount of human beings could be harmful to one or more individuals.
Although humans are born as meat eaters, more people become vegetarians, or even more popular in this modern age, vegans. As fruit and vegetable is well known as great source of natural nutrients, lack of animal protein in our body can cause many sickness and eating difficulties. Vegetarian and vegan products might looks healthier, however, their production require additional artificial colours and flavours and not might be always healthy option as taste is the most important factor in eating. In my opinion, choosing being vegetarian or vegan is more about following trendy lifestyle of others than conscious decision.
In conclusion, human beings have been born to follow instincts and natural habits. Overeating unhealthy fast food meals or choosing simply oriented diet is not the right way to go. Also top athletes cheating their diet restrictions and are still able to achieve world class results.

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