Experts say older people were happier and healthier in the past because they did more exercise and spent more time with family and friends, whereas many now suffer from loneliness and health problems. What are the cause of this and what are some solutions

However, our modern universe provides us a different life which is easier and more convenience there are some drawbacks in comparison with the past. Older people in the contemporary era are not as happy as their parents were because they do not meet the other persons routinely and also they suffer from many diseases which did not exist in previous years and this is because of low level of exercising they have. Some of important reasons for this fact have been explained concisely in the following sentences and in continue some solutions have been offered in order to improve an elder's situation.

first of all, it is confirmed by all people that human being has traded modern lifestyle by getting loneliness. Nowadays, our old parents live in high skyscrapers solely without any interactions with the others even their neighbors. Also, some values in many nations have been degraded by the rise of industrialism and one of them is caring the older father and mothers. For example, in eastern cultures, there was a tradition that children kept their parents in their home for protecting them physically and mentally but this tradition has been vanished in new generations. On the other hand, the advent of technology has made the life comfortable without so-called problems but this has taught humans to be inactive and lazy. Despite of many progresses in medical sciences we can not neglect a level of activity that anyone particularly an old person should have. For instance, many new inventions such as online buying, social medias have decreased the outgoing hours of retired people and this has resulted in many health challenges for this segment of societies.

Secondly, although there are unfavorable circumstances but also governments and politicians could organize some plans as efficient solutions. Municipalities should construct some places in parks for elders in order to gather them together and make them more socialized with the aim of mitigating loneliness. Also the organizations which are responsible for promoting sport and exercising in cities should hold some events and competitions for some specific ages to encourage retired people for sport and healthier life.

To summarize, youngsters should watch out carefully their grandparents and also they have to care them emotionally by meeting them constantly and contacting them day by day. And simultaneously rulers should consider long-term programs and enough budget for old people to improve the quality.

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