Some people think it is more important to plant more tree in open areas in towns and cities than provide more housing. To what extend do you agree or disagree?'s picture

While some folks claim that growing more trees in an open field in metropolises and urban areas is absolutely crucial than providing numerous housing, i also agree that planting trees ought to be put a top priority over housing. This essay will discuss firstly the significance of offering a shelter, and secondly, the paramount positive impacts of trees with relevant examples.

To begin with, the economy tends to expand when there are increased residences. As a large number of workers typically dwell outside the city centre, affording homes can save travelling time that is instrumental in raising savings. So housing can derive immense satisfactions among employees because the residence relieves considerable stresses which are a key obstacle between workers to become remarkably productive. Next, the significant reduction in the crime rate is also the major gain of providing sufficient homes since most anti-social activities are undertaken by people who are usually homeless according to the study. Moreover, the shelter is a radical requisite of a human life.

However, i strongly believe that planting massive trees is substantially more vital than the housing owing to the following two reasons. Primarily, if people are emboldened to raise plants and trees, not only would sowing shrubs create a peaceful living atmosphere which promotes poor healths but also they could preserve fragile ecosystems. On the second place, air and sound pollutions that remain the leading roots of chronic obstructive diseases and hearing loss are combated because trees release oxygen and the structure of trees acts as a powerful sound absorber. Furthermore, what people are gaining additional benefits is a marked decrement in the amount of greenhouse gases, which can certainly add fuel to global warming, by the abundant leaves. This ascertains why sowing more trees is truly imperative as opposed to housing.

In conclusion, presumably, considering the creation of pleasant environment and a considerable minimisation of pollution, housing is nowhere near as influential as trees.

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