Education, from preschool through university, should be paid for by the government and therefore free to students.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Right to education is one of the fundamental rights of every child. Some people argue that the state must bear the cost of not only primary education but also the cost of the graduational course of all children. Whereas to my knowledge, the ruler of the land must take every effort to impart its younger generation with a basic level of education. However, it will be difficult for the government to bear the whole cost of learning including university education.

It is an undeniable fact that education plays a primary role in the kid's development and thus, the onus of serving quality primary education at free of cost lies with the lawmaker. This will enable people of all economic classes to gain literacy. Despite the costs of school maintenance and operations, it must be implemented for the future benefits of not only of the poor kids but also for the bright future of the country. For example, the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. Kamarajar introduced a scheme in which he offered free education including free uniform, books and afternoon lunch, just to encourage people to send their children for elementary education. Having said that, still, it is not possible for any government fund for specialized courses in the university for all the students.

To begin with, the cost of higher education in university or college at times requires a huge proportion of tuition and other fees. The main reason for this is such education requires specialized teachers, sophisticated equipment and infrastructures to teach the subjects covered. Thus naturally they involve huge investment which has to be recovered in the form of fees. To tackle this problem, the government can provide funding to the students on merit basis. In addition to this, the statesman must take effort to offer the educational loan at a subsidized interest rate to the eligible students.

In conclusion, it is the duty of the statesman to offer elementary education at free of cost to its public. However, it will be a burden to the government, eventually, to the taxpayers if the entire cost of expenses up to the level university education are to be borne by the state. Having said that, the government can still sponsor students who on merit basis and in addition to enabling banks to offer educational loan at lower interest rates.

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...of graduational course of all children. Whereas, to my knowledge the ruler of the land ...
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