In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this?What solutions can you suggest?

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A large number of countries have behavioural issues among schoolers. This is mainly due to the lack of student-teacher interaction in classrooms and unavailability of subjects related to morality. There are several solutions which should be implemented to deal with the misbehaviour of the pupil.

Firstly, the reason why children studying in schools misbehaves is the teachers only focus on academic subjects. In other words, teachers in schools are concerned with the completion of their course subject and they are even trained only to do so because of this reason they do not see correcting student behaviour as their responsibility and, consequently, fails to teach them the morally right things to do. Secondly, the subjects which teach students behaviour related things are not included in the curriculum such as moral science. As a result, students unable to learn the right conduct and when they do not even know the correct thing to do, they will keep on misbehaving with whosoever they interact.

There are two effective solutions to tackle the problem of school student's misconduct. One way is to train the teachers, who teach younger children, in a way that they could communicate with students effectively, which will hopefully make them capable of giving students constructive feedback on their behaviour. By doing this, learners will able retrospect and work on themselves according to the feedbacks. Another method of dealing with a behavioural issue of students is the introduction of subjects which teaches them to behave properly with others and put them on the correct path. This solution would hopefully make them conduct acceptably because they would constantly preach about the right thing to do.

In conclusion, training the teachers and introduction of moral science in the school syllabus are effective in curbing this critical issue.

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