Most people accept that we now live in globalized world but not everyone agrees that this is beneficial. To what extent is globalization a positive or negative development?


As technology has been outpacing, our world has become a global village. Now people from different countries are closer than the past. Because of this change many people overwhelming this change as I do, however other oppose it. In this essay, I will discuss how globalization is beneficial for our progress as it has improved our person to person contact and helped our civilization to grow in a positive manner.

First of all, There are people who stand against the globalization and justified their view with few reasons. They believe that globalization helped developed nations more compared to poor countries. For an example, African countries which consist huge natural resources, always oppose this concept, they feel globalization allowed foreign companies to enter into their boundaries and start the business and the outcome of this change is most of the local companies are either closed or facing problems to survive in the market. Therefore, they stand against the concept of globalization.

On the other side, When We Considered the positive points of globalization it overcomes the problem which was mentioned and raised by third world countries. First plus point is globalization has increased the scope of growth or individual as well as countries also. For an example, An Indian company named as "Relience" was established in late 1970, but because of globalization which allows them to do business in other countries, now this industry come upder the list of top ten companies in the world. As a result of this many new jobs are generated which helped to figure out the unemployment ratio. Thus, Globalization has a vital role to enhance the life of people and it is helping us to tackle the issues like jobs and social securities.

To conclude, As I mentioned there are few nations which are against with the term of globalization, but as the world is getting closer and new scope is created in many aspects, sooner or later good points of globalization will sidestep the issues which now appear as a blackspot for third world nations.

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