Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents believe that other family members can take care of their children, while others think childcare centers are better. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


As living cost are tremendously increased and simultaneously working trend is also changed, these days it is quite common that both mother and father are working and because of this a question has been arises who will take care of their children. Few parents feel that their parents or any close relatives are the trustful person who can take care of their children in a perfect manner and I completely agree on it , but some trust that day care child centers are the best option because they assumed their children will get favorable learning environment.

There is no doubt for the past couples of years, many childcare centers are became popular and parents prefer to send their children there. The main reason behind this is they pretend that these centers are designed and run by highly skilled professionals and they know the learning strategy of a child and this will enhance the knowledge of their children. For an example, In India few well educational institutes are investing huge amount of money to setup childcare and learning centers. However, it is also observed that there type of centers are just money minded and makes huge profit instated of giving quality learning facilities.

On the other side, Few parents gave first preference to their closed relatives instead of private school or tutor and there are few strong points which support this concept. First point is, parents feel secure and safe when their children are under the observation of their family member. Secondly, These type of responsibilities make the bonding between the family strong. And above all of this it also saved the money up to some extend.

I personally feel that because of hectic schedule and busy lifestyle we are losing the value of relations and sending children to a care center would be good decision but compared to taken care by a relative is far better, because it will help us to maintain the family bounding.

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