Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.


Every parents wants to give their children a best environment irrespective to their income and status. There are few parents who think that providing teaching to their children at house is far better way as they feel more comfortable and safe. But, There are many peoples who believe that schooling have great weightage, because school are specially meant for providing education. As per my opinion I strongly advocate to the importance for school, and in this essay I will highlight both the scenarios with my views.

Firstly, If we consider the first group of people who thought house is the most suitable place for teaching a child they has few points like, house is the place where a child feels more comfortable, he or she can express his/her feelings,requirements or problems more easily compared to school. Moreover, house is more safer place compared to rest world for a child. For an instance, In New Delhi last year one high school student were murdered by his school senior, and police found that school management were not serious about the safety measures of the school, CCTV cameras were not working in the school. There type of issues gives bad impression to the image of the school, and because of these type of reasons parents strong feel that house is the best place for teaching a child.

On the other hand, There are many parents who believe that schools are the most effective place for teaching a child. As their prime motto is to educate the children in such a way so would become responsible citizens. Also, everyone can not afford private tutor, but school can hire a excellent teacher with handsome salary offer. Moreover, Children belonging to financialy poor families can also get the same level of education in the school. There are the points which made schools a much better choose for providing the education.

To conclude, As I have mentioned the advantages of both the views, Still there are many points need to consider before making a final decision. Even though, Giving education at house has some plus points, however as I mentioned schools consists lot many solid reasons, so value of the school is high with respect to teaching a child at the house.

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