Some countries encourage teenagers to have part-time job and see it as a good thing, while others disagree. Give your opinion and explain both views.


It has been observed for the past couple of years that students are more engaged in multiple tasks along with their study. Few countries motivate juvenile to do a part-time job because they see a positive prospect in it, however, other believe in the opposite.
As per my understand an opinion I stand with the first view, as a part-time job has plus points which I will discuss in this essay.

Firstly, Considering the view of people who oppose the part-time job concept. There could be multiple reasons for their mindset, like getting involved in a part-job could mislead or derailed the juveniles to achieve their educational goal, also there are chances that to earn the money they would take any illegal step.Therefore, one can argue that teenager is less mature so they should concentrate on their study instead of part-time job.

On the other side, There are few positive points connected with part-time job. By doing this activity youngster can learn the time management skills which will make them to plan their activities within the given time frame. Also, they can become financially independent and spend their earned money as per their need or interest. For an instance, Most of the developed countries allow students to work and a part-time employee so that they can earn money as well as get some skills.
Thus, Part-time job for teenagers is a healty option for them.

In conclusion, As there are few negative aspects are associated with part-time job nevertheless it is more profiltable thing, I believe that every country should support this.

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