News plays an important part of most people’s lives. Why is news so important to people? Why is so much news dedicated to bad news? Should the news focus on good news instead?

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News plays an important part of most people’s lives. Why is news so important to people? Why is so much news dedicated to bad news? Should the news focus on good news instead?

Today’s modern world is incomplete without news as it constitutes an essential part of most individual’s lives. This essay will discuss the significance of news to the society. This essay will also discuss the reasons for giving more coverage to bad headlines nowadays. In my opinion, there must be equal focus on both good and bad news.

News helps people to remain informative all the time. It makes people aware of the happenings and events that occur around them. People are well-informed of latest developments and discoveries happening across the globe. It plays a crucial role in moulding up the opinion of a person which in turns determines what he does for the society. For instance, in recent times, more and more young people are showing an active interest in politics and the achievements and failures of their government. This, in turn will help them to vote wisely for the right government in the upcoming elections. In other words, news educates people to become good citizens by updating them with all the latest growths and events around them.

Nowadays, most of the news channels give more coverage to bad news as it increases their TRP (Television Rating Points). In the world of competition, every news channel wants to have more viewers, so they give more coverage to bad news as it shocks the people and grabs their attention. For instance, recently in India when ISRO launched 120 satellites at once, it didn’t get much coverage as on the other side media were busy showing news of mob lynching issue happened in Uttar Pradesh which may not even be true. In short, competition in the media world and people’s curiosity to watch shocking or breaking news encourages newspapers and television channels to give more coverage to bad news.

However, I believe that media channels must give equal coverage to both good and bad news. On the hand, good news inspires people to work for betterment of the society. On the other, bad news also plays an important role as it makes people aware of crimes and other negative things happening around them and they may take some preventive measures to avoid these things happening to them. For instance, news of robbery and theft makes people aware and encourages to take care of their belongings properly while walking on the roads. To sum-up, both good and bad news must get equal coverage so that people are aware of both good and bad things happening around them.

In conclusion, I believe the news plays a significant role in our life because it keeps people updated with all the latest events and developments around them. In my opinion, both good and bad news must be given equal coverage as they play an important role in guiding and shaping public perspective and their opinions.

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