Nowadays young people know less about traditions and culture than in the past. What are the reasons for it? What can be done to improve this situation?

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Nowadays people believe in science and prefer evidence rather than just blindly following customs. Especially the current younger generations, who have little idea about their culture or traditions. On the contrary, people in the past placed utmost importance on nurturing and passing on their knowledge to others. This could be due to the practical approach and disinterest of younger generations. In order to improve the situation, parents should enlighten children about their traditions and encourage them to participate in their cultural activities.

To begin with, children don't seem to be interested in understanding their history. Moreover, they like to question and analyze traditions before deciding to follow them . According to a recent survey on immigrant children, many were not aware of their roots and customs followed by their people and aligned themselves with the culture of their residing country. Such ignorance leads to a decline and ultimately in the death of tradition.

Parents play a major role in imparting knowledge and encouraging younger generations to partake in traditional activities. They should patiently answer the child's questions and try to reason out the importance of maintaining them. To illustrate, children should be made aware that Christmas is not only a festival to party and burn crackers but traditionally it was more about sharing and alms giving to the under privileged. Hence, people go around carol singing and spread the Christmas joy. Such situations will help them understand and decide for themselves the value of traditionally followed practices.

To conclude, it is extremely difficult to immediately convince the younger generations to change their beliefs and forcing them to do so will only aggravate the situation. However, a small step taken now can go a long way, and maybe in the future, these same people might be the flag bearers of traditions!

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