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Do you agree or disagree? To be successful people should be creative

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Every individual has own way of thinking towards life. Everyone has something different. It is very important that people can recognize that inner ability and work accordingly. Some argue that creativity in people helps them to achieve success easily in life. Others hold the different opinion that creativity is not only a factor in order to get success. There are other important factors which play a crucial role in one's life. From my perspective, the former view contains more weight. I take the position on account for the following reasons.
Primarily, the creative mind works efficiently in a different perspective in various places. Mind full of creativity always has a lot of meaningful ideas and thoughts. People can apply their knowledge as well as the thought process in meaningful ways in order to get success. It is more likely that people who have different idea able to achieve their goal easily compared to the people who are hard working. To illustrate this more, when I was in high school, one of my classmates was so different from others and he was so creative as well as intelligent. His way of working for the different task always made him special among all the teachers. On top of that, he used to score well in all the exam in the school. All the students included me was so impressed by him and always tried to think creatively as he used to think.
Furthermore, thinking in a different way and applying that in various field, at the advent of technological development opens up enormous opportunities for the people. person's creativity is always in demand whether it is a workplace or at the school place. Additionally, in the past few years, the competition has been increased among the people. Lots of people have been pursuing higher education and it becomes just so common that people are applying for their job with the higher academic designations. For instance, the company usually get more than a hundred job application from the people who have acquired the same higher designation. Hence, nowadays, people who are more creative with their higher degrees have more value compared to the people who just have their master’s degree. Since creative people have a higher ability to work efficiently, and also, their creativity helps the company to make a profit. Therefore, creative people have a better future in order to fortify their life in a specific career.
Admittedly, having discussed this issue from this point of view, I would rather look at it from another viewpoint. I think that there are other factors are also playing a vital role in people's life. people with creativity not always get success. Factors such as hard working are also important because when a mixture of different abilities combines together, it creates a huge impact on a particular task or area.
All in all, I strongly believe that creativity is really important in one's life in order to get easy success. Also, this is because it makes people different from the others and it helps them to survive at an utmost level compared to the other people in the same field.

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