Do you agree or disagree Childhood is the happiest time in a person s life Include reasons and examples to support your opinion

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Do you agree or disagree ? Childhood is the happiest time in a person`s life. Include reasons and examples to support your opinion.

I always see a shade of joy and happiness on the faces of the people who are talking about their childhood memories. To be honest, I also have terrific memories of my childhood and I believe that it was the happiest time of my life.

Childhood is the period of having no responsibility. No concern about class assignments, shopping, paying bills, or fixing flat tires. In fact, the only duty a child is primarily thinking of is playing. I remember the days when I woke up, had breakfast, and then asked my mom which type of game was the best to play for that day, indoor or outdoor.

Another remarkable feature of being a child is that people tend to show love and affection to small kids. Even if a kid is not very cute or clever, the adult always praise the heavenly small faces of the little human. My mom usually says that children are the future of our world. She believes that we should do our best to boost their self-esteem by showing them how important and adorable they are.

Furthermore, psychologists have shown that people usually filter out their memories so that they do not readily remember the negative things. In fact, we have a tendency to sweeten our past in order to escape from the bad or terrifying experiences we had had. For example, despite the happy life I have had since I remember, I have a feeling that no period of my life is comparable to the happy days of my childhood.

In conclusion, the childhood is the time that people are not involved in the adult life struggles and stresses. A world without any serious responsibility is a real paradise. In addition, children usually receive nice complements and rewards, which make their life further pleasant and memorable. And finally, our minds deceive us to see our past more pleasant than what it really was. Hence, I agree that childhood is the happiest time of a person's life.

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