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Do you agree or disagree ? Childhood is the happiest time in a person`s life. Include reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Everyone admits to the fact that childhood is the most serene phase in one's life. No one would miss the opportunity to relive that stage if there was a chance. Even most of the happiest memories fall back to that point in time. Mainly, this is because of fewer responsibilities at that age. Children are kept away from many
prospects like finance, health, sustenance of the family, etc., In my view, childhood is the best phase in one's life cycle and I will provide two reasons for support, which I will elaborate on, in the following paragraphs.

First of all, in childhood, almost everything a child wants is provided by parents. All the mundane tensions that are faced by parents constantly are nugatory for children. In their mind, they are centre of the universe. They do not know how the world works and so are not bothered by thinking about ut. Similarly, every important thing in a child's life is provided by parents or any other person. Some of the examples are taking care of their health, development both physically and mentally is done by parents. Even in some cases, parents overindulge in providing as per their wish. Moreover, they do not know about the sad reality. Children do not realize how tough it is to survive and sustain in a complicated world of ours. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Recently, my mother had told me the things that I had done during my childhood. When I was 8 years of age, she told me, I used to cry for every small thing I wished for. My parents in order to soothe me would provide that and made me happy. Even now at the age of 23, I still think of childhood as a happy phase with regret of living in this adult life.

Secondly, being a child is peacefull because one would not work hard to make money. Having a lot of money is gleefull, but in childhood, there are parents to rely upon. Financial freedom is available to children until one becomes old enough to start an independent life. Children are devoid of aspects like savings, spending and other concepts of the economy because the burden of all these relies only on parents. Similar is the case when it comes to health. During childhood, parents try to take proper care of their children. On the other hand, care should be taken on his own. Nonetheless, there will be certain children who work at earlier stages for money but still, they have the confidence of resorting to parents in case of hardships.

In conclusion, there is freedom in almost every aspect during the nascent stages of life. Children need not worry about making money, health, studying well and also ingesting proper exposure to improve their maturity. Though, daily chores are performed by some children in certain households, these are significantly less imperative when compared to various onerous tasks, which are dependent on the parents.

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