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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Getting advice from friends who are older than you is more valuable than getting advice from friends your same age.

Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Getting advice from friends who are older than you is more valuable than getting advice from friends your same age.

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With the technology advancement and economy booming up, our society has been through great changes that people in different age may have totally different experience, while your pioneers share the same feeling with you. No wonder some claim that suggestions from older friends seem to be less effective. So people in our generation begin to ignore the advice from the elderly. However, as a young person. I still believe that older people’s words are so valuable and helpful that we could never turn a deaf ear to.

First of all, when you have older friends in your grandparents’ age, their experience can guide you. Life used to be much tougher than now, but our grandparents have overcome all the difficulties and create a bright future for their children, which attest to their intelligence and strong willpower. So they are not, as some suggested, a burden on society or of little value, but instead they are the most excellent people full of wisdoms. My grandfather, who served in the army which liberated our country, taught me the importance of patriotism. And I learned how to calculate before school with the help of my grandmother, a professor who used to study in Soviet Union. With the colorful experience and wisdoms of our grandparents, their advice is a treasure for the young.

Moreover, the old generation can remind us of the virtues and traditions we have lost in this busy and materialistic society. Nowadays our highly developed economy and technology makes some luxuries available for normal people. However, our economy is facing the overcapacity of production, which brings several financial crises. Many people have to face the financial loss while they are not able to get rid of the extravagance, resulting in the overpressure of making ends meet. Some of them even make money with immoral methods. In this situation, our older friends who still live an economical life keep the old good virtues. So their advices can lead you out of the abnormal lifestyle.

In addition, older friends also include people who are just slightly elder than you, such as your elder brothers. Although they have less experience than the old generation, they possess the knowledge that suits you best. When I was facing the college entrance examination, one of the most important test during my life, I tended to my graduated cousin, who had already pass the exam and entered Fudan University, for advice. He was not as knowledgeable as my teacher, but he knew exactly what I needed for the exam. With his help, I got a good grade and enter the Xiamen University, which is my goal. Friends who are little older than you can provide you with practical advice.

To sum it all, it is obvious that getting advice from friends who are older than you is more valuable than getting advice from friends your same age.

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