Do you agree or disagree with the following statement It is better to use printed material such as books and articles to do research than it is to use the internet Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to use printed material such as books and articles to do research than it is to use the internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When students have to do researches they can use several materials. They could go to the library and use books or they could access the internet to study. From my perspective, I disagree with those who prefer books. I believe that internet should be use preferably since it has the most up to date information, and there also tools that students could use such as discussion groups to do their researches. Moreover the internet could be reached wherever the student goes from any device at any time.

To start with, students should use the internet instead of books to do their researches since it has the latest information ever. Almost all studies and their sources are downloading in the internet. In that case students could use the most up to date information and base their researches based on a good source. All the most important websites post information for students, and for the rest of the people to be used not only for studies purposes but also to gain general knowledge. There are universities that dedicated their efforts to post their most recent studies for those who need to do researches in a certain field. When I was studying for my Pharmacology test I used to browse a lot over the internet and I found such a lot of valuable information that helped me during my preparation time over my university website.

Second, students could use several tools that are in the internet to study proficiently. In my case I used to study from different discussion’s groups over the internet. Those groups’ administrators sometimes posted questions and the rest of the students answered those questions creating very interesting discussions. That was a very valuable tool for me because made me stick more in the answers than if I learn them from a book. Sometimes students posted a direct link to free e-books with information about the theme in discussion.

Last but not least, The internet compared with any book from the library, could be access from any device. Nowadays students are very aware of technology. They use their laptops , tablets , desktop computers and their phone to have access to the internet. With the simple fact of having internet connection they could study wherever they go and at any time. In my case I used to study during my way to home in the bus. I traveled 30 minutes in my way back to home and from the house to school. I spend that time studying from my IPhone. I had a very good internet service that allowed me to reach it very faster. I had several apps that helped a lot to practice the material.

As a conclusion, I disagree with the statement that for students is better to use printed material instead of use the internet to do research. The internet has the latest information with several tools that can be reached it wherever the student goes that make them to study better.

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that internet should be use preferably
that internet should be used preferably

Sentence: All the most important websites post information for students, and for the rest of the people to be used not only for studies purposes but also to gain general knowledge.
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In my opinion, I believe using the Internet is more beneficial than solely depending upon printed materials like books and articles. I do not agree with the given topic for three reasons, which I will be discussing in the following essay.

To begin with, using printed materials for research is not economical for everyone. Generally, university students are involved in a lot of research work and are not earning during that time, whereas the books or the articles which are used for research are very costly. This put students under a lot of pressure and are required to take loans or borrow money from their parent’s or friend’s in order to buy printed materials. However, the Internet is already available at university and is very affordable. All the material which is required for research is present on the internet for free of cost. My personal experience is a great example of this. During my second year of undergraduate study, I was required to research Machine Learning, but as I was not earning at that time, I found it very difficult to acquire the required book for research. Luckily, One of my friends suggested using the internet, and I was able to find a free alternative for the book I was looking for. I was able to complete my assignment on time and even got an excellent grade for the research done. Thus, using the internet solves the problem of affordability for many students who are involved in research.

Secondly, the variety of content available on the internet is very vast. If we stick to printed materials for research, we are limited by the particular book or the article we chose. However, On the Internet, we have the option of videos, podcasts and beautiful animation explaining the topic. For instance, while doing research for my thesis related to computer science, I was stuck on a difficult topic. No matter how many books I read, I was not able to properly understand the main idea of the topic. This is when, I came across a video by a student on youtube, which helped me understand the topic. Therefore, using the internet gives us many options of learning which indirectly helps us in research.

Finally, the last reason is the time. When we use printed materials for research, it takes up a lot of our time to just get a hold of the material we are looking for. Books are not always available in all the libraries, or even might be already borrowed by another student. I vividly remember one such instance, where I had to travel to another city to get the book, I was looking for. This not only requires us to plan travelling but also takes up our time, which can be used for research. In contrast, all the information we are looking for research is just a click away on the Internet. Undoubtedly, using the Internet saves us a lot of time.

In summary, I believe, the Internet is the better way to do research. It is economical, has a variety of content, and saves a lot of time.