Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is important for governments to protect wild animals and wilderness areas for the future generations.

By and large, in the modern era which we live governments have substantial effects on almost all our life aspects. While there are a plethora of people who are in the conviction that this intervention must comprise animals and wilderness area protection, in the favor of next generations, others hold a radically different perspective. To the extent that my personal opinion is concerned, I accord with the first group. Among countless reasons which give adherence to my point of view, I will delve into the most conspicuous ones in what follows.
First of all, the nature environment is not just for us to enjoy. Any form of selfish attitude toward wilderness areas, can deprive our next generations from enjoying the nature. Though, there are always those who entitle themselves to destructing the nature, with ridiculous alibies such as construction, and so forth. The government is by far, the only entity that has the power to stop them and put an end to their destructive behaviors. Take Gilan, a green land with spectacular views of trees and springs, for example. The area was about to be a desert literally, when the congressmen decided to interfere with some human's destructive activities. Enacting protective laws by governments, can show people that the politicians not only care about people, but also about their next generations to come.
Secondly, any change in an eco-system can lead to catastrophic results in the future. The butter fly effect of any distortment in wild animal's proportion can endanger the existence of next generations in many ways. Tehran, the capital of Iran, has one of the most polluted airs in the world. The arrogance of elder generation toward nature, transformed a once green village into an industrial city with no green space in it. This lack of competency resulted in the extinction of certain birds and commenced the cyclic extinction of others through a significant change in the chain food. Trees were unable to pollinate more efficiently and therefore were unable to expand their territory. Now we are facing a generation of ill people, struggling with all sorts of cancer for their unhealthy environment. The government, 50 years ago, didn't pay too much attention to this vital issue and consequently neither did people. And as a matter of fact why would they? Since they were not breaking any rule and were able to enjoy more production.
In short, all the aforementioned reasons and explanations lead us to the conclusion that it's essential for the government to interfere with any destructive behavior toward animals or wilderness in favor of next generations.

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